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chap5_alternative_classification.pdf    SVM Kernel  SVM Summary

Tan Table


To visualize various kernels for SVMs (note it takes time to initialize)




 Reference Material: for the mathematical details of SVM




R-package that includes SVM




EnsembleMethods.pdf     ClassImbalanceMulticlass.pdf    chap5.pdf   


Giovanni Seni - Ensemble Methods   Ethem Alpaydin - Combining Multiple Learners  Rajan Patel

Helpful Book on Ensemble Methods -

Seni, Giovanni and Elder, John, Ensemble Methods in Data Mining, Morgan & Claypool, 2010


Here's an amazon link to the book:


Ensemble Methods in Data Mining: Improving Accuracy Through Combining Predictions (Synthesis Lectures on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery)


Reference Material: Papers




Support Vector Machine: svm1.R  , svmExamp.R

Boosted Trees:  AdaBoostRandomForestSonar.R


Random Forest on Sonar Data:  AdaBoostRandomForestSonar.R   

Brimean Bagging Algorithm       Bagging.R  (coded by Abhishek Dubey)

Create a ROC curve from Example in Text  ROC.R    

ROC for the Sonar Data   ROCSonar.R

Multiclass Example (Iris Data)  IrisDataMulticlass.R


Homework:   Homework 05



Data Files:

The Wine Data Set and the Iris Data Set are on UC Irvine's database web site

Sonar Data Sets:  sonar_test.csv   sonar_train.csv irisdata.csv

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