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chap5_alternative_classification.pdf   (k-nearest neighbor, Bayesian,  and time permitting Support Vector Machine)


BayesRule.pdf  BayesDeal.pdf


 Reference Material Naive Bayes  Documentation 




k Nearest Neighbor:  MixSim.R   KfirstNearestNeighbor.R  (uses Sonar Data - illustrates effect of normalizing data before knn performed)

Naive Bayes Classification:  NaiveBayesClassifier.R 

More Naive Bayes and some not-so-naive Bayes:  GDA.R

Support Vector Machine svm1.R


Data Files:

The Wine Data Set and the Iris Data Set are on UC Irvine's database web site

Sonar Data Sets:  sonar_test.csv   sonar_train.csv   mixtureSimData.data






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