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"Introduction to Data Mining" Tan, et. al.  Problem 2. 


Classify the following attributes as binary, discrete or continuous.  Also classify them as qualitative (nominal or ordinal) or quantitative (interval or ration).  Some cases may have more than one interpretation, so briefly indicate your reasoning if you think there may be some ambiguity. 


a.) Time in terms of AM or PM

b.)  Brightness as measured by a light meter.

c.)  Brightness as measured by people's judgements

d.)  Angles as measured in degrees between 0 and 360

e.)  Bronze, Silver and Gold medals as awarded at the Olympics. 

f.)  Height above sea level.

g.)  Number of patients in a hospital.

h.)  ISBN number for books (look up format on the Web)

i.)  Ability to pass light in terms of th following values:    Opaque, translucent, transparent.

j.)  Military rank

k.)  Distance from the center of campus

l.)  Density of a substance in grams per cubic centimeter.

m.)  Coat check number.




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