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HW Submission Format

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We'll put together a google docs folder to house all the homework submissions.  We'll label them something obvious like "HW1"  etc.  Each group should put together a page for their homework submission prior to the start of class.  Title your submission page something like "Group 1 HW1". 


Virtually all of the submissions will be in the form of R-code.  We'll copy paste your code and execute it.  Sometimes problems will ask for a comparison or an opinion so there may be some minor text in addition.  Your submission page should look something like:




Problem 1.  Blah blah answer to discussion question. 


(R script example)



#comment >> start with a setwd so we can copy paste your read statement




#comment >> explicitly include any required packages


mixSim <- read.table(file="mixtureSimData.data")
mixSimMat <- matrix(0.0,200,2)



Problem 2. 



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