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R - Page - Community resources, references, links, etc.  Please share useful things that you uncover.  


Here are some references on R, to help you get started. 

1.  On the cran.r site http://cran.r-project.org/ (on the right hand side of the page click the link "Manuals").  You'll find several useful .pdf files to help you get started. 

     a,  "An Introduction to R" - Introduction to data types, indexing, language control, etc. 

     b.  "R Installation and Administration"

     c.  "R Data Import/Export"  -  How to read in from and out to various standard data file types. 

     d.  "The R Reference Index" - This is an exhaustive and exhausting list of thousands of the standard functions from R.  It's bewildering for a new user to navigate, but you'll get used to it and find it handy as you get more familiar with the language. 


2.  On this page, click the "Pages & Files" tab and you'll find a folder labelled "References for R".  This includes some of the documentation off the cran-r site and .pdf's from various courses on using R. 


3.  O'Reilly Books offers a book titles "R in a Nutshell" that's a good basic reference.  Here's a link to the O'Reilly page for the book:  http://search.oreilly.com/?q=r+in+a+nutshell


There's a lot of stuff on the web regarding R.  If any of you find other useful material, please add it to this site this site so everyone has access to it.  Either add it to this page as a link or add it to the folder "References for R" folder as a file.